Refurbishment of St Giles Hostels

Refurbishment of St Giles Hostels

Started by the Red Cross in 1952, St Giles Rehabilitation Center offers a wide range of services to both adults and children with disabilities and special needs.  The hostels cater for children learning at St Giles School who are unable to travel due to their conditions. Staying in the hostels provides them with access to therapy and full-time carers. 
The girls’ hostel is in need of minor repairs, repainting and a general facelift to help create a nurturing environment for the students. 
A group of local residents who have come together to assist St Giles and other facilities (including the recent playroom renovations at the Harare Children’s Hospital) has offered to assist the board with the renovations of the girl’s hostels.
Its our intention to begin the project in January 2020 and complete it within three months. We are looking to raise funds for roof repairs, plastering of damp damaged walls and painting. 
We hope assist to create a warm and homely space for the girls to whom St Giles is a home away from home, and help to provide a conducive environment that supports the incredible work being done by the St Giles team.

September 2, 2020