Christine Mhasvi

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Christine Mhasvi (25) graduated, despite being a high school dropout, with a certificate in Hairdressing from Young Africa in December 2015. Her passion to start her own business was ignited when she was gaining industrial experience through a Small-Medium Enterprise Mentorship for 6 months. Immediately after graduation using her own savings she started her own income generating project by renting a chair in a hair salon. Her average income form the business was USD$350 per month. As time progressed she identified another opportunity related to her business. She noticed that clients who wanted to have a weave as part of the new hairstyle had to leave the salon to go and purchase elsewhere and at times would not return back to the hair salon. She managed to attend the Improve Your Business (IYB) training offered by Young Africa to see how she could operationalize the idea she had. During the training Virl Microfinance came to speak to them as business people about their products. She applied for a loan of USD$400 and was successful. Since she started the shop that sells weaves her average income is USD$800 per month.

February 18, 2020