Kudakwashe and Celestino

They are both self-employed carpenters who run their business from Warren Park outside Harare. They both enrolled at Young Africa Zimbabwe in January 2008. At that time, they were being taken care of by a member of their family as they were both struggling financially. Initially, Kudakwashe wanted to become a mechanic, but on seeing the carpentry workshop he changed his mind and after discussing his options with his uncle, he decided carpentry was a better option as it created a better chance of making an income. Young Africa had played a huge part in the development of a skill which is now their main source of income for them and their families. They show us an impressive portfolio of the work they had completed since starting their business. There was an impressive array of cabinets, doors, wardrobes and bed frames, which was made all the more impressive by the fact that these are all made with hand tools and not machines.

Life skills and entrepreneurial classes had greatly affected their lives. They helped them to make better decisions in their everyday lives as well as in their working lives. Customer care is a crossover between both of these. They learned how to communicate in a more effective manner through life skills while they learned how to be better negotiators through entrepreneurial studies, which has had a massive impact on the success of their business. In the future, they’d love to have their own workshop and warehouse, so that they could make their own products without having to wait for orders with larger machines to help them be more efficient. You can feel the empathy that they have for the youth, as they have had the experience and understand how difficult it is for young people. They both agreed that they would love to have the resources and workload to employ young people and to give them opportunities to be resourceful and create income for their own families.

February 18, 2020