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Young Achievement Sports Development (YASD)

Young Achievement Sports for Development (YASD)is a youth led community based organization that uses sport to transform communities.

YASD’s core objectives are to use sport as a mobilization tool to raise awareness on developmental issues.The organisation helps disadvantaged young people to attain an education or life skills. YASD’s intention is to develop role models and community leaders from the orphaned and vulnerable children, participating in its various programs.

Our History

Young Achievement Sports for Development (YASD) was initiated by a group of young people living in an informal slum settlement that was borne out of continuous displacements and eviction of the residents. The community is Impoverished and lacks the basic social amenities for human habitation.

In 2005 the government of Zimbabwe carried out a clean-up operation targeted at destroying all slum settlements that had been established without the approval from the local authorities. The community was destroyed and most of the children who were supposed to be in school dropped out and they started roaming the streets. Being idle made them more vulnerable to a lot of risky behavior: drugs, crime, prostitution and early marriage.

YASD was initiated by young people who were living in destroyed slum community who started by got some footballs and got the young people to come together. This was done mainly to take young people away from other risky behavior as they would play and go home to rest afterwards. The “soccer games” where usually characterized by holding various discussion which shaped the programming of the organisation in later years. The initiators of these “soccer games” realised the need to do some remedial classes for those who still had an interest in education, this saw the group introducing a reading club were those who wanted to continue with school were assisted by those that had done better in school.

The impact of the “soccer games” and reading club are the core bedrock of the YASD programming. The realization that a group of young people could have such impact to transform a community culminated into the registration of the organisation in 2007.

February 18, 2020