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National Tree Planting Day

Project Name:National Tree Planting Day
Project Contact Name:Zimtree
Contact Number:+263 782707195
Contact Email:info@zimtree.co.zw
Organisation(s):Zimtree,Tanglewood Art Zone
Relating Website(s):www.zimtree.co.zw
Project Schedule:December. 2019

Friday 6th December 2019  


Borrowdale, Harare 

Tanglewood Art Zone is hosting a collaborative collective of art, music and food, featuring artists from Zimbabwe, with all proceeds going to ZimTree. Come along, enjoy the art and music, and buy a tree for our flagship site on Borrowdale Road.

3-10pm, 16 Wood Lane, Borrowdale.

Entrance by donation.

Saturday 7th December 2019

National Tree-Planting Day

Ballantyne Park, Harare

Join us to celebrate National Tree-Planting Day, here in Harare's Ballantyne Park. The aim of this project is to replace the invasive American Ash with appropriate indigenous trees, and you can help help! Emerald Seedlings and Bushy Park nurseries will be selling trees for you to plant in the park, or you can donate a tree for our other sites, or take one away to plant in your own garden. We will have live music, food and drink, as well as seed-planting demos, kids' crafting activities, stone-carving and a treasure hunt. We hope to see you there!

8.30am-12pm, Ballantyne Park Conservancy, Harare.

Entrance by donation to Ballantyne Park Conservancy.


This planting season, ZimTree has three main projects: Borrowdale Road, Ballantyne and Harare Drive. These projects are a mix of avenues and natural woodlands, and over the next three years will require in excess of 10,000 indigenous trees; and in 2020 we hope to register ten more projects with the City of Harare.


We therefore need many thousands of seedlings, so our fourth project this year is to start a new nursery site at Pangoula Farm, Harare, which will start growing all the saplings we need for our projects. Over the next four years we hope to establish a million-tree nursery: we are aiming to grow 100,000 seedlings in the next year, ramping up to 1,000,000 seedlings by year four.

Please click here to make a Donation.


 Borrowdale Road 

On our flagship site we will plant avenues of albizias, which will run from the Borrowdale School Intersection down to the racecourse. There will be mixed woodland along the central reservation of the road.


We are replacing invasive American ash with indigenous trees in a multi-year planting programme.
Join us for National Tree-Planting Day on 7th December at Ballantyne Park!

 Harare Drive 

We will be planting a mixed acacia woodland from Gaydon roundabout down to Piers Road.

 Nursery site 

In order to reach our goal, we need to secure a good supply of trees. We will be partnering with the Forestry Commission to establish a new nursery at Pangoula Farm in Harare.

November 28, 2019